HEATHER (robotcharlie) wrote in love_propaganda,

I highly recommend this book.

"It's also powerful and effective to do things in your home and community that reflect and inspire compassion. Tibetans developed many unique, cultural expressions of this kind. The prayer flags that you see in many photos and video images of Tibet and Nepal are one such cultural expresson. Tibetans would print their prayers of love and compassion on pieces o brightly colored cloth so that the breezes lifting the flags would pikc up the energy of their good intentions, blessing the animals and peple downwind. They viewed their country as a place where even the air reverberated with the relaxed energy of compassion. Stones everywhere were inscribed with the mantra of compassion, which also filled prayer wheels that could be turned by hand or by the power of water and wind. The idea was to have remiders of love and compassion everywhere, to insprie everyone to cultivate what was best in themselves."

-Lorne Ladner, PH.D.
The Lost Art of Compassion: Discovering the Practice of Happiness in the Meeting of Buddhism and Psychology,
page 267
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